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Across the Coals

by Leen Rieth, Theia Connell, Richie Cuskelly and Adam James.



Sunday 18 November 2018 | 4:30-8.30pm

Join us at the barbecue area at Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park for a series of unfolding performances.

Following the launch of Julie Gough’s new work, HUNTING GROUND incorporating Barbecue Area, Across the Coals presents new, site-specific work by four early-career artists which further interrogates the space the public barbecue occupies in our collective memories, social landscape and natural environment.

The works are incisive and poignant, highly critical, and not without humour.

The artworks and performances will unfold throughout the afternoon, so make sure you get there on time if you don’t want to miss out!

image credit: Theia Connell, 2018, FREE #democracysausage*

Richie Cuskelly, So The Dolphin Ate The Man:

A one act play centred around a bloke at a family barbeque who, after being spotted discarding a plastic tinnie 6-pack holder without breaking the rings by his young niece, gets interrogated about why he doesn’t care about dolphins… as well as most of the other things around him.

voices: fiona lloyd / jessica lloyd / trent thomas

sound: david ‘open’ holmes

tech: steve rose


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