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Bliss Me

Tiyan Baker


Opening: 6pm, Wednesday 24th October
Location: Mawson’s Place and Waterside Pavilion, Hobart Waterfront

Step into Tiyan Baker’s immersive installation and delve into the nuances of Tasmania’s tourism industry. Through documentary-style interviews with tourists, locals, artists, hospitality workers and academics, Baker’s work takes a close look at the blissful indulgence of Tasmania’s arts tourism and its impact on the state. More details here.


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As you may know CONSTANCE ARI is a not-for-profit artist-run-initiative. Whilst the consistently seamless delivery of our projects may have fooled you into thinking we’re being bankrolled by a team of Canadian investors, we largely function on the blood, sweat and tears of our selfless board members and volunteers.

You can help ease the pressure by making a donation, this will ensure that our program continues to support artists and remains vibrant and engaging. And we’re crafty little devils, so you know we’ll stretch those dollars a long way.

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