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Across the coals

June 2018 onwards

Part of an ongoing collaboration with GASP, ‘Across the coals’ will present pieces by selected artists throughout the year. Keep checking the website and our facebook page for details.

Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park

This project begins to play around with the social usage and historical importance of the public barbecue. Examining social and community interaction within the parameters of a public shared-use space. The delicacies and dances. There is a gender disparity between the masculine ideal, the man at the helm of the barbecue, the hunter and provider, and the female as domestic goddess. Cooking for the family operates as a kind of performative metaphor, societal roles played out in miniature.

All of this is played out against the backdrop of a public site. The site of a barbecue, usually in nature, holds some forgotten or celebrated historical importance. Performing a barbecue on this site brings into focus the way we walk on land, how we celebrate on stolen land, how we remember and how we have forgotten. Use of these public spaces can shift and change in the widely multicultural ‘New Australia’, if they haven’t it reflects how our attitudes surrounding these spaces remains exclusive. Our idea of the barbecue is a childhood memory of a white family picnic. To look again, it can mean more than this.