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October 2018
Salamanca Arts Centre

Constance ARI is partnering with Salamanca Arts Centre to give one early-career artist or artistic collaboration the opportunity to develop a multi-site curatorial project. The project will enable the selected artist to explore their own artistic endeavours through the creation of curatorial discussion between their own work and the work of others, enabling examination of their own practice in new ways. The project aims to develop the hybrid skill-set of the Artist-Curator, and to highlight the importance of this practice within artist-run initiatives.

Introducing Artist-Curator Caitlin Fargher

We are excited to announce Caitlin Fargher as the artist selected for the Artist-Curator Project.

Caitlin Fargher is a multi-disciplinary artist, specialising in sculpture, textiles, installation and filmmaking. Graduating with Honours in Fine Arts at UNSW Art and Design in 2017, she is now establishing herself within the Hobart and Sydney art communities. Her practice has a primary interest in the environment, working through ideas of the Anthropocene, climate change and decolonisation. Her recent work has engaged with the slippage between white-settler histories and industries upon the landscape, forcing a necessary conversation between materials, sites and the studio. She aims to decolonize her practice-led research by uncovering the dark histories that are stuck to the materials and making practices she employs.


Left: Caitlin Fargher, Right: Caitlin Fargher, 2017, Excavating a Sticky History / Rubbing Salt into the Wound