3rd November | Contemporary Art Tasmania

how can you tell for sure | Hobiennale 2017

Artists: Jake Preval (VIC), Priscilla Beck (TAS), Bridgitte Trobbiani (TAS), Llewellyn Millhouse (QLD)
Curated by Grace Herbert and Liam James

Four Artists occupy a gallery for a period leading up to, and for the length of, a festival.

how can you tell for sure will establish an experimental platform from which to address a range of ideas about the position of online media in relation to contemporary art practice and create a viewable space for open and transparent art making.

18th August – 3rd September 2017 | Hobart CBD
Lowland Grassland | Pip Jones

Presented across Hobart CBD, Pip Jones’ Lowland Grassland saw the return of some of the region’s native grass species to the streets of Hobart.

Prior to European arrival, much of Hobart’s urban area was a sweep of grasses; broad plains of spiny rushes and poas, and lowlands speckled with the heads of tussocks. Known as the Lowland Grasslands Complex, this plant community was once widespread in the Hobart region, however today it exists in fragmented pockets under threat of development and colonising weeds.

By reconstituting Hobart’s Lowland Grasslands Complex in the urban environment, Jones invited us to question idealised notions of how green spaces should appear. Rather than creating an edifying monument to “untouched wilderness” as an object distinct from social and cultural frameworks, Lowland Grassland traced provenance and recognised the role of the human hand in maintaining landscape, both in Indigenous and non-Indigenous constructed environments.

Lowland Grassland concluded with a community event, during which a portion of the exhibited plants were distributed to the public. The remaining plants were donated to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre to be used for revegetation works at piyura kitina (Risdon Cove).


14 – 17 JUNE, 2017 | Hobart Town Hall Underground


The Ryan Sisters
Natalie Ryan
Andy Hutson
Eva Nilssen
Jon Butt
Joseph Ray Shrimpton

But I’m going strange.
—The Breeders

Venture underground to a space of silent foreboding, where six artists will disrupt our expectations of the modern world.

Curated by Stephanie Han
Presented by Constance ARI in association with Dark Mofo

2-4 June, 2017 | 98 Sandy Bay Road Battery Point, Wheelchair access via Crelin St

House Show  

Denise Atkinson (TAS)
Laura Carey (NSW)
Karin Chan (TAS)
Keziah Duguid (NSW)
Anna Eden (TAS)
Dexter Fletcher (NSW)
Tom Hogan (NSW)
Rachael Ireland (NSW)
Bronwen Jones (TAS)
Amber Koroluk-Stephenson (TAS)

Lilly Lai (NSW)Sam Lyne (TAS)
Natasha Manners (VIC)
Warren Mason (TAS)
Jessie Pangas (TAS)
Nadia Refaei (TAS)
Florence Robinson (TAS)
John Robinson (TAS)
Brenton Alexander Smith (NSW)
Talia Smith (NSW)
Robyn Sweaney (NSW)

Presented in a rental property between tenants, House Show invites artists to respond to the concept of “home.” House Show will be presented over one weekend in response to the transience of the rental market.

98 Sandy Bay Road Battery Point
Wheelchair access via Crelin St

Opening event

Friday 2nd June, from 5.30pm

Exhibition continues Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June, 10am – 5pm

Closing BBQ Sunday + Panel

Sunday 4th June, from 2pm, panel at 3pm

featuring a conversation between

Emily Ouston (Architect, Core Collective)
Jen Welch (Town Planner, Ireneinc Planning and Urban Design)
Rebecca Holmes (Curator, House Show)
and some of the participating artists

11am – 5pm Wed – Sun 07 Apr – 07 May 2017 | The Barn at Rosny Farm
Glover in Arcadia 

Priscilla S. Beck, 2017, wallaby bone china model of kunanyi, calcifed wallaby skull, southern ice


Bronwen Jones
Amber Koroluk-Stephenson
Matt Warren
Tess Campbell
Alan Young
Darren Cook
Priscilla Beck
Joel Crosswell
Joan Ross
Megan Walch
Julie Gough

2017 marked the 250th anniversary of the birth of John Glover. Glover in Arcadia is an enquiry into the life and work of the important Anglo-colonial artist John Glover. Emerging and established Tasmanian artists create contemporary responses to John Glover’s landscape.

Saturday 14 January 2017 | Schmørgåsbaag, 130 Murray Street, Hobart


Brendan Walls & Tom Robb & Greg Kingston (Hob)
Clare Cooper solo (Syd)
Virgin x (Melb)
Lecture/performance by Jon Smeathers (Hob)
Alf Jackson and Julius Schwing (Hob)
Art Ensemble (Hob)

Selected by Bridget Hickey and Lucy Parakhina.

A curated selection of made-for-radio / pre-recorded narrative and non-narrative sound pieces for a meditative Sunday afternoon. Beanbags and bar for your listening pleasure.

People doing interesting things with sound.

Constance ARI in association with Crack Theatre Festival / This Is Not Art

CONSTANCE acknowledges and respects the palawa people as the traditional and ongoing owners and custodians of lutruwita. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.

Constance ARI 2018 program is assisted
through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts..

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