Opening Friday, December 10th 2021, 6pm | Visual Bulk, 130 Murray Street

Becoming Scores

Images by Gabrielle Eve


Curated by Hannah Foley

Opening event:
Friday, 10th December 2021, with performance by Gene Montgomery
Time: 6pm - 8pm 

Venue: Visual Bulk, 130 Murray Street Hobart

Exhibition continues: 11 - 16th December 2021, Mon-Fri 12-6pm, Sat & Sun 10am-2pm.

The body scores with and in space – marking and marked by the world it moves through.

Becoming Scores explores this relational unfolding: the between and betweenness of body and beyond. Through performance, game play and installation, three emerging artists engage with time, memory and knowledge as it is formed and felt within our material thresholds.

Ink into skin to document the present, build upon and erase marks of the past; soft, sculptural forms to touch and be touched, exchange at the point of body-beyond; a role-playing game to explore possible future bodies through propositional world-(re)building.

Together, these works consider whether, in the embodied beyond of our beings, we are each (always) becoming scores.


Opening Performance: Thu 22nd Apr 2021, 5:00 pm, Guests will meet at the Brooke Street Ferry Terminal and travel by water to the GASP Wilkinsons Point Pavilion Closing Performance: Thurs 27th May, 5.00pm, Guests meet at the Derwent Entertainment Centre Carpark

The Chain | Second Echo Ensemble

Second Echo Ensemble and Constance ARI present Luke John Campbell in The CHAIN - A site-specific installation at the GASP Wilkinsons Point Pavilion. The site will be activated for opening and closing performance events and can be experienced as an installation in between.

Audience will be lead between moments of incidental and curated beauty - ideas trailing down from beside a window where they catch the light of a late sunset, across a concrete floor, through ashes left by fire, through a constellation of sand and stones. In this opening celebration Luke will share an interactive performance of connection.

    Opening Ceremony: Guests will meet at the Brooke Street Ferry Terminal and travel by water to the site on 22nd April 5pm. Please don't be late or you will miss the boat- literally =)

    Closing Ceremony: Luke has been visiting the site every week. On Thursday May 27, in a closing celebration Luke will share an interactive performance of connection. Guests will meet at the Derwent Entertainment Centre parking lot and be guided to the site. Go with the chain.

Moving with the chain and making known its ever presence within our bodies as we move with our voices.

The chain is linked by links - as we all are. Enabling the audience to find what it is they believe, in their own hearts. To know in their own breath and with their own voice.

The eternal chain and the chain of who we are. The constant on and on. We are never really gone.

Nothing is ever lost. The chain reaction. The rise and fall. the perpetual cycle. One with the chain. The internal and the eternal.

Alike Caduceus intertwined and shedding skin.

Alike Ouroboros eating his own tail.

Working with the chain - surrendering to the chain as we work with the laws of nature as a way of being. It is emotional. It is social. its political and it’s an expression of self and the elements of nature through creativity and creation.

We will dance the chain. Listen to the chain. Sound-out the chain. Wrap the space in chains and explore the metaphor in space.

The wisdom is in the water and in my dreams of death. The water teaches us the wisdom to Surrender to life and death. In my mind I surrender to the Breath. Without acceptance there will be a violent storm. Go with the flow. Go with the chain.

Breathing it is life and it gives us birth. Listen to the water. The volume. The sound flowing and falling. Listen. To the water. Flowing. Falling. Falling flowing. Surrender. Accepting death and life and death

- Luke John Campbell-

This project is supported by Second Echo Ensemble, Constance ARI., Glenorchy City Council, Tasmania Performs, Moonah Arts Centre, Rosny College, RANT Regional Arts Fund and Arts Tasmania.

Photography by Dan Cripps



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Exhibition Opening FRIDAY, 26 MARCH 2021 AT 5:30pm, Schmørgåsbaag

The Pink Palace: From Isolation

Images by Cassie Sullivan

CONSTANCE ARI presents The Pink Palace: From Isolation; a selection of works by nipaluna/Hobart-based artists in collaboration with Risdon Prison Inmates, curated by Tess Campbell and Maria Blackwell.

Laura + Aaron 
Vanessa + Anna 
Wes + Renee 
Gemma + Sofie (+A + A)
+ Cassie

In 1963, the colour of the Risdon Prison walls led the Mercury newspaper to dub it ‘The Pink Palace’. Despite its slow fade into beige, the nickname stuck.In 2020, five nipaluna/Hobart-based artists began weekly visits to Risdon Prison Inmates with the aim of creating an artwork over several months. They started with the theme 'isolation and separateness' -terms which are synonymous with notions of prison life, and now becoming part of the broader social phenomenon worldwide.The results include a mountain of fluoro greetings, personal mythologies, live printmaking, a sea of string, and a splits challenge. 

About the exhibition: In 2018 The Pink Palace was the first Constance ARI and Risdon Prison collaborative show, exhibited for Dark Mofo in the space that is now Good Grief Studios. The process paired four artists with four inmates resulting in a successful show and a valuable community partnership. Constance and Risdon Prison aim to continue this creative exchange, culminating in a bi-annual exhibition.

Exhibition Opening Friday 26 March 2021 at 5:30pm, Schmørgåsbaag 

Exhibition continues: Open daily from Sat 27th March - Sun 4 April, Mon - Fri 4pm - 7pm, Sat & Sun 10am - 2pm
No bookings required, Free entry

Location & Access:
Schmørgåsbaag, 130 Murray Street, Hobart
Wheel chair accessible.

If you have any inquiries about accessibility, please email us at


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4-8pm, 23-24 January 2021 & 30-31 January 2021 | Princes Park Magazine, Alexandra Battery, Blinking Billy Point | Presented by CONSTANCE ARI for Mona Foma 2021

Making Ground

Image Credit: Remi Chauvin

Making Ground is an exhibition presented by CONSTANCE ARI for Mona Foma 2021 with:


(Click on the artists name to read their artist statements)

Curated by Nadia Refaei

First Nations and artists from the diaspora will stage an exhibition on sites of colonial ruin: a city park, a suburban hillside, and the shores of the river. Each is home to a former military battery, which the artists will augment with video and sculpture, responding to the landscape and histories of each place. Taken together, the exhibition considers displacement, connection and memory in the digital age. A dialogue between past, present and future.

Opening event:
6-8pm, Friday 22 January 2021
All sites open, but booking is required for the opening event at Alexandra Battery
Register for the opening here

Exhibition continues:
4-8pm, 23-24 January 2021 & 30-31 January 2021
No bookings required, Free entry

Locations & Access:
Princes Park Magazine, Battery Point 
This venue is wheelchair accessible via a ramp, however includes some rooms which are not wheelchair accessible. The ground is uneven in some areas.

Alexandra Battery, Sandy Bay  
This venue can be accessed from three points (please see map below). If coming from the top car park, walk down the grass and through the tunnel or down ramp. Please be aware of uneven surfaces, sloping grass and loose rocks.  This venue is wheelchair accessible via the main gate leading off Sandy Bay Road. The ground inside the venue is uneven in some areas and may be slippery after wet weather.

Blinking Billy Point, Sandy Bay
This venue is not wheelchair accessible. Please be aware that accessing this venue involves walking up a short but steep path and descending via a staircase, so may not be suitable for people with mobility issues. There are areas of uneven ground, slopes and loose gravel or rocks, so please proceed with caution. 

If you have any further inquiries about accessibility, please email us at 

Getting there:
Princes Park Magazine is within walking distance to the CBD and Salamanca area. There’s also lots of street parking and a few carparks within walking distance. Street parking is limited around Alexandra Battery and Blinking Billy Point, please see the map below for parking locations and suggested walking routes to Blinking Billy Point (500m from Alexandra Battery). Please note that these venues are in a residential area, and visitors should be aware and respectful of residents.

CONSTANCE acknowledges and respects the Palawa people as the traditional and ongoing owners and custodians of lutruwita. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.

Making Ground is presented by CONSTANCE ARI in partnership with Mona Foma, and assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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Online Exhibition


House Show 2.0 is a virtual exhibition that brings together 6 real-world exhibitions, presented within rooms in artists’ houses across lutruwita/Tasmania.


Alethea Coombe & Eden Meure (Hobart)

Josh Foley (Launceston)

Jessie Pangas (Gawler)

Reece Romagnoli-Townsend (Nubeena)

Twin Sticks (Launceston)

Luke Viney (Ulverstone)

Please note: It is recommended that you have access to WIFI to view House Show 2.0.

Enter the House Here


House Show is presented in partnership between Constance ARI and Sawtooth ARI and supported by the Australian Governments Regional Arts Fund.

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