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olive branch

Artwork by Priya Vunaki

Maggie Abraham, Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie, Randa Al Hasan, Nasser Al Refaei, Nagham Fadhil, Zainab Fadhil, Caitlin Fargher, Phyllis Fiotakis, Grace Gamage, Nadia Refaei, Eliza Rogers, Georgie Vozar and Madeleine Wells

Constance ARI and the Tasmanian Palestinian Advocacy Network (TPAN) have partnered to host olive branch, a series of post-rally gatherings to support local community protesting and resisting for a free Palestine, and to promote a deeper understanding of anti-colonial struggle through conversation and art-making/ 

From November 2023–March 2024, each session will include different offerings from artists, activists and others, creating space for community to learn, share and connect. olive branch explores anti-colonial ideas through storytelling, cultural and creative exchange, and learning skills and modes of resistance.

18 November:

 A conversation circle with TPAN members Randa Al Hasan, Zainab Fadhil and Nadia Refaei

+ snacks, coffee, letter writing

2 December:

Short films by Palestinian filmmakers
+ food by Good Morning Ziko, letter writing and sign painting

16 December: 

Peace wreath making with Eliza Rogers

+ food by Good Morning Ziko, letter writing and sign painting

14 January:

Kite making with Caitlin Fargher for International Kite Day, in the Good Grief courtyard

+ snacks and letter writing

20 January:

Solidarity, social movements, campaign strategies and collective well-being with Madeline Wells, sovereign Trawlwoolway, Plangermaireener, Mutti Mutti, Wemba Wemba, Wadi Wadi and Wotjobaluk woman

+ snacks

3 February: 

Making (and eating) our own boycott-friendly hummus with Nagham Fadhil while learning about the boycott, divest and sanctions movement, followed by a talk from Grace Gamage, artist and co-founder of Broom and Brine farm, on the relationship of food to power, politics and justice

+ snacks

17 February:

Making DIY flags out of found materials with Maggie Abraham (take it to your next protest or action) and postcards to politicians with Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie

+ snacks

2 March:

We’ll make pinch bowls with artist and ceramicist Georgie Vozar, then hear from Phyllis Fiotakis and Nasser Al Refaei on the cultural signifance of the olive tree in West Asia, how to grow and care for your own tree and the tradition way to harvest and pickle your own olives

+ snacks

Where: Earthside Exchange, Good Grief Studios, Mathers Place

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Constance ARI works across Country cared for by the Palawa of lutruwita and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout the so called ‘Australia’, as well as First Nations people from elsewhere, and their deep connection to the lands, skies and waterways over which sovereignty was never ceded.  We pay our respect to all Elders; we are grateful for their continued sharing of knowledge and Culture.

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