Opening January 2024 at disparate locations around nipaluna, details below


Project description:
Where You Are Is a speculative writing project from writer Sam George-Allen. With support from Constance ARI Sam will be presenting their written work through a series of interactive plaques placed around greater nipaluna. The plaques will lead viewers on a sort of treasure hunt, presenting those willing to look with narratives from alternative universes that are tethered to sites around nipaluna.

Event description:
Where You Are will run between the 24th of January 2024 - 24th of March 2024. The project is situated in nipaluna and its surrounds. Look for bright and reflective mirror plaques that will lead you around the city and suburbs. Each plaque will take you to a different speculative history/future/present written by Sam.

There will be an opening event at 5:30PM on Saturday the 26th of January 2024 held at the Cornelian Bay site MAPS HERE. This site is accessible by car and wheelchair.

The plaques will remain in place for two months.

About Sam George-Allen:
I am a writer, musician and teacher based on unceded melukerdee country in southern lutruwita/Tasmania. My first book, Witches: what women do together, is a celebration of the power and pleasure of women working together, and was published in Australia in March 2019 by Penguin Random House and internationally in January 2020 by Melville House. My essays and cultural criticism have been published in The Guardian, The Lifted Brow, Overland, The Griffith Review and Kill Your Darlings, among others. I make a podcast about creative writing called First Word, and I am currently writing my first novel, a work of speculative fiction based on my research into the botany of the future. Where You Are is a branching-out of that story.


In another universe, you are a single-celled organism a multi-celled organism a multi-armed consciousness a multi-brained limb a dispersed set of knowings a fungal web a cellulose cloud a hive a swarm a school a stomach a spleen a sinus a tree a troodon a forest a branch a breath a tentative step a milk-maker a branch-climber a long-strider a hard-hunter a weeping a starving a feasting a striving a person a child a sibling a learning a partner a parent a mother, alone.

Now you are here. Where is he? Where are you?