Tuesday 15th October - Saturday 19th October 10am-3pm  | Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre

Shadows on the Hill |  Dan McCabe

As housing prices in our major cities continue to climb, the Australian Dream of owning a suburban home becomes an even bigger mountain to conquer. But is it worth the hike?

Constance have taken up residence in Kelly’s Garden. We have invited Perth artist Dan McCabe to present his performative-installation 'Shadows on the Hill' within the walled colonial garden.

Dan McCabe will pitch a tent he has designed and made to look like a 1980s Mitsubishi Magna wagon. Inhabiting the tent for a few hours each day, McCabe will host conversations with the public about their experience of housing instability in Australian cities.

The work is a tongue-in-cheek, though critical comment on housing instability in Australia. The artist inhabits sought-after waterfront real estate for free in a city where the stressors of tourism, rental instability and the rise of air bnb have left many homeless or insecure. Many young people are increasingly finding themselves locked out of the housing market, and are forced to seek alternative modes of living in the world.

Situating this work in Hobart is particularly resonant at this point in time.

Alongside the installation we have invited Hobart comedian Brittany Szlezak and writer James Dryburgh to reflect on the themes of the work in a critical discussion on Saturday 19th October, as part of the closing event. 
Shadows on the Hill: Conversations with the Artist
Tuesday 15th October — Saturday 19th October 10am-3pm

Shadows on the Hill: Panel Discussion and Closing event
Saturday 19th October 4pm - 8pm

The panel discussion will be chaired by Alexandra Grieve-Johnson, with a Welcome to Country and introduction from Kartanya Maynard.

Shadows on the Hill Panel Discussion from Constance ARI on Vimeo.