Opening Performance: Thu 22nd Apr 2021, 5:00 pm, Guests will meet at the Brooke Street Ferry Terminal and travel by water to the GASP Wilkinsons Point Pavilion Closing Performance: Thurs 27th May, 5.00pm, Guests meet at the Derwent Entertainment Centre Carpark

The Chain | Second Echo Ensemble

Second Echo Ensemble and Constance ARI present Luke John Campbell in The CHAIN - A site-specific installation at the GASP Wilkinsons Point Pavilion. The site will be activated for opening and closing performance events and can be experienced as an installation in between.

Audience will be lead between moments of incidental and curated beauty - ideas trailing down from beside a window where they catch the light of a late sunset, across a concrete floor, through ashes left by fire, through a constellation of sand and stones. In this opening celebration Luke will share an interactive performance of connection.

    Opening Ceremony: Guests will meet at the Brooke Street Ferry Terminal and travel by water to the site on 22nd April 5pm. Please don't be late or you will miss the boat- literally =)

    Closing Ceremony: Luke has been visiting the site every week. On Thursday May 27, in a closing celebration Luke will share an interactive performance of connection. Guests will meet at the Derwent Entertainment Centre parking lot and be guided to the site. Go with the chain.

The CHAIN opening ceremony from Second Echo Ensemble on Vimeo.

Moving with the chain and making known its ever presence within our bodies as we move with our voices.

The chain is linked by links - as we all are. Enabling the audience to find what it is they believe, in their own hearts. To know in their own breath and with their own voice.

The eternal chain and the chain of who we are. The constant on and on. We are never really gone.

Nothing is ever lost. The chain reaction. The rise and fall. the perpetual cycle. One with the chain. The internal and the eternal.

Alike Caduceus intertwined and shedding skin.

Alike Ouroboros eating his own tail.

Working with the chain - surrendering to the chain as we work with the laws of nature as a way of being. It is emotional. It is social. its political and it’s an expression of self and the elements of nature through creativity and creation.

We will dance the chain. Listen to the chain. Sound-out the chain. Wrap the space in chains and explore the metaphor in space.

The wisdom is in the water and in my dreams of death. The water teaches us the wisdom to Surrender to life and death. In my mind I surrender to the Breath. Without acceptance there will be a violent storm. Go with the flow. Go with the chain.

Breathing it is life and it gives us birth. Listen to the water. The volume. The sound flowing and falling. Listen. To the water. Flowing. Falling. Falling flowing. Surrender. Accepting death and life and death

- Luke John Campbell-

This project is supported by Second Echo Ensemble, Constance ARI., Glenorchy City Council, Tasmania Performs, Moonah Arts Centre, Rosny College, RANT Regional Arts Fund and Arts Tasmania.

Photography by Dan Cripps



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