Exhibition Opening FRIDAY, 26 MARCH 2021 AT 5:30pm, Schmørgåsbaag

The Pink Palace: From Isolation

Images by Cassie Sullivan

CONSTANCE ARI presents The Pink Palace: From Isolation; a selection of works by nipaluna/Hobart-based artists in collaboration with Risdon Prison Inmates, curated by Tess Campbell and Maria Blackwell.

Laura + Aaron 
Vanessa + Anna 
Wes + Renee 
Gemma + Sofie (+A + A)
+ Cassie

In 1963, the colour of the Risdon Prison walls led the Mercury newspaper to dub it ‘The Pink Palace’. Despite its slow fade into beige, the nickname stuck.In 2020, five nipaluna/Hobart-based artists began weekly visits to Risdon Prison Inmates with the aim of creating an artwork over several months. They started with the theme 'isolation and separateness' -terms which are synonymous with notions of prison life, and now becoming part of the broader social phenomenon worldwide.The results include a mountain of fluoro greetings, personal mythologies, live printmaking, a sea of string, and a splits challenge. 

About the exhibition: In 2018 The Pink Palace was the first Constance ARI and Risdon Prison collaborative show, exhibited for Dark Mofo in the space that is now Good Grief Studios. The process paired four artists with four inmates resulting in a successful show and a valuable community partnership. Constance and Risdon Prison aim to continue this creative exchange, culminating in a bi-annual exhibition.

Exhibition Opening Friday 26 March 2021 at 5:30pm, Schmørgåsbaag 

Exhibition continues: Open daily from Sat 27th March - Sun 4 April, Mon - Fri 4pm - 7pm, Sat & Sun 10am - 2pm
No bookings required, Free entry

Location & Access:
Schmørgåsbaag, 130 Murray Street, Hobart
Wheel chair accessible.

If you have any inquiries about accessibility, please email us at constance.director@gmail.com


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