To be presented in February 2022. Dates TBC. Waterside Pavilion, Argyle St Hobart.

Nocturne: Sonic Migrations

Matt Warren
Sally Ann McIntyre
Dani Kirby

Curated by Eliza Burke

Due to COVID Travel restrictions this exhibition has been postponed. February 2022 DatesTBC

Venue: Waterside Pavilion, Argyle St Hobart.

Nocturne: Sonic Migrations is a live-performance sound and transmission artwork exploring relationships between whales and other marine species, humans and the marine environment. Warren, McIntyre and Kirby employ a range of mediums such as FM radio, theremin and live vocal performance, to present a series of sonic ‘migrations’ across several datasets and sites. Inspired by stories of whales in the Derwent River once keeping local residents awake at night, the work invites listeners into a dreamlike soundscape that blends bioacoustic data from the Australian Antarctic Division’s Southern Ocean voyages, technological and environmental sound and recorded vocal interviews with nipaluna/Hobart residents. Moving beyond human-centred listening spaces Nocturne: Sonic Migrations re-imagines the local marine environment as both a regenerative and haunted space and a significant site for interspecies communications.  

Nocturne: Sonic Migrations is supported by Constance ARI, Arts Tasmania and The City of Hobart's Creative Hobart. The artists wish to thank Brian Miller and the Australian Antarctic Division for the use of their bioacoustic data in this work. Thanks also to project interviewees Rona Hollingsworth, David Patman, Tricky Walsh, Mary Scott, Annaliese Rees and Lucienne Rickard.